NanoPhos was founded in 2005 with a vision to transfer innovation from the laboratory to everyday life, utilizing the power of nanotechnology. By harnessing nanotechnology, Nanophos seeks to create a more comfortable, safe and trouble-free living environment. The products of NanoPhos constitute result of study by Greek researchers, they are 100% produced in Greece and exported to more than 25 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and America.

In 2008 NanoPhos distinguished by Bill Gates for innovation and received the first prize of Innovation and Sustainability in the 100% Detail International Tradeshow in London.

By taking advantage of the nanoparticles benefits for the end user, NanoPhos provides solutions for common problems such as moisture, mould and thermal insulation. It also provides high quality, reliable and environmentally friendly chemical products for water repelling, thermal, cleaning and for protecting surfaces such as tiles, walls, metals, cement to add functionality and boost energy efficiency in buildings and construction projects. The products are patented, awarded, high-quality and high-technology craft materials, which are certified by International Classes.

In 2014 NanoPhos decided to transfer all its experience and success from the construction market to Marine coatings. Nanophos Marine is established to bring innovative solution to Maritime industry. By taking advantage of unique properties of nanotechnology invents clever materials to solve common needs such as fouling growth, sea water corrosion, incident heat radiation and accumulation of salt deposits. Antifouling coatings with no metal oxide biocides, thermal insulating paints and self cleaning protection are only some of the product enhancements nanotechnology can offer. Nanophos Marine product portfolio includes 25 products focusing on maintenance, cleaning, hull protection, antifouling and Fuel Saving. 
Since December of 2015 and after the Strategic Cooperation between NanoPhos SA & Advanced Polymer Coatings, NanoPhos Marine has become the exclusive representative of MarineLine 784 in Greece and Cyprus. MarineLine 784 is the industry leading cargo tank coating system available for chemical and product carriers, and the only high performance lining that withstands all IMO approved chemical cargoes.



Dr. Ioannis Arabatzis Dr. Arabatzis holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the National Technological University of Athens (NTUA), an MBA from ALBA Graduate Business School and a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ioannina. His major research interests include applied nanotechnology and semiconductors chemistry. He is co-author in more than 20 scientific articles. His journal contributions have received more than 500 citations from fellow scientists all over the world. Today Dr. I. Arabatzis, as managing director of NanoPhos SA, is proud to serve his dream by dedicating himself in transferring technology into every day applications. NanoPhos serves the needs of more than 25 countries, all over the world.
Management Systems
NanoPhos SA has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to follow the EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and the Enviromental Management System EN ISO 14001:2015 for the development, production and sales of chemical products for cleaning and protection of surfaces and nanotechnology products. Furthermore, it is certified for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems with OHSAS 18001:2007.
 NanoPhos has set the following targets:

· To provide high quality, reliable and environmentally friendly chemical products for water repelling, thermal insulating, cleaning and for protecting surfaces
· To develop new products through constant laboratory research
· To promote environmental responsibility to its customers and suppliers
· To constantly meet the needs of customers regarding the quality and requirements, by offering solutions for every-day problems
· To preserve and increase its market share
· To ensure that its suppliers meet the needs of the company
· To develop programs for reducing occupational risk
· To develop environmental programs for:

o Reducing dangerous liquid waste
o Using totally recyclable product packages
o Increasing the recycling of solid waste

· To provide a healthy and safe environment for its working staff

The company's management team commits to succeed in achieving these targets via the following actions:

· Publish the company policies to the working staff and to the general public.
· Secure the necessary operational materials and human resources
· Constantly review the company's performance results and adjust where necessary
· Compliance with legislative requirements related to the products, environment, occupational health and safety
· Continuous improvement of the management system
· Reviewing of policies anytime it is necessary.

The company management team and working staff, look upon the implementation of these policies in a serious light, so as to always ensure the achievement of the set out targets.
NanoPhos S.A is proudly associated with the following Organisations: 
Hellenic Federation of Enterprises  
Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries
HEMEXPO Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters
European Cool Roofs Council  
Advanced Polymer Coatings

Green Awards


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